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What's in it for you...

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in technology, data art and conceptualizing the product that can help communities achieve greater good. Our aim is to design a concept, start MVP, get investors who are willing to trust us and create a remarkable product together that can scale up atleast 10 folds in 3 years.

Team of problem solvers to make you rise & shine.

To bring simplicity in the business and curating ideas that can bring profitability by transforming the business pitch in reality.

  • Support: Available support team
  • Communication: Multilingular
  • End-to-End: Planning to execution
  • Profitability: Execution excellence
  • Simplicity: Dynamic interface
  • Cloud based: All time availability
  • Integration: Multiplatform integration
  • Freelance: Scalable workforce

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Musée is a sincere expression of valuing and creativity! It is a story in the making, it is a journey, which has begun along with our ever-expanding number of patrons.


Brand Build




Hours Of Support


Team Size

Knowledge Bank

Knowledge is the biggest asset and Yes, we have it! When we say experts, we litrally mean it. Our team of expert excel in the forefront technologies and launguages to offer you the best and beyond in market.

Frontend - Angular/React/Cognito/Flutter/React native 100%
Backend - Nodejs/Python 100%
DB - Oracle/Mongo/Dynamo 100%
Content - Photoshop/Illustrator/Wireframe/Figma/Miro100%
Cloud - Serverless AWS Lambda/Cloudfront/S3/Sumerian 100%
ML - Python/Tensorflow/PyTorch/Scikit-Learn/Keras/NLP/Open CV/CNN 100%


Team of like minded industry experts with 10 to 15 years of experience, blended with young enthusiasts and next generation pool of developers to design solutions with competitive advantage.

Innovation Culture

Rising pioneer in the Industry

Incorporating best in class technology and mindsets to create products that are ahead of market concepts. Projects reference, beyond conceptualising to implementing the dream.

  • StonedAge TOSH, a concept resort in the midst of Himalayas.
  • Musée Art Cafe/kalaCUBE, an inclusive place for 500+ Artists.
  • packFND, How hundreds of people are organising their storage space today in GTA.

Projects turned products

Logistics & cloud based solution Design


Canadian Pie Xpress, Canada

Business digital transformation, from order generation to invoicing. Our multidisciplinary team around the globe worked together to deliver project in 4 months turn around time.

Small Businesses & Upsell


EY CAFTA Learning Hub, Global

Developed an end to end solution for product CAFTA, Hedge funds, scholars program.

Knowledge as Heritage

Industrial Intelligence

2013 - Present

Information Commuication Technology World

  • Migration from legacy server based infra to serverless solutions (AWS Lambda + Cloudfront + S3) resulting into OPEX SAVING.
  • Repository of User interfce templates - Bootstrap, Angular, React js for quick turn around time.
  • Designing easy ways to propel business and brand positioning using crowd sourcing and collaboration models.
  • Code review and optimization, using our long way industry knowledage base.

Research & Development (LOI stage)

2020 - Present

Masters in technology

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence in inclusive model buidling using dimension "Z" for performance measurement.
  • Connected worker use case to build operator of the future using AR tech.

Projects Released / Under development

At Musée, we strive towards creating an inclusive community that celebrates data in its entirety. We welcome all concepts, requirements and necessities to create an inspired world of infinite possibilities.

  • All
  • Art
  • Community
  • Innovation


People & Culture

Concept in dev.


Musee Art Cafe


Storage & People

GTA, Canada

Concept in dev.







In the midst of Himalayas



Storage & People

GTA, Canada



Storage & People

GTA, Canada

Concept in dev.




Products & Services

Our team of experts & innovators offer you an end-to-end solution to help your business rise & shine in this ever evolving world of technologies. We believe in the long term collaboration for making ideas more dynamic & profitable.

Cloud Transformation

Navigate and transform your business to cloud infrastructure to be more available and accessible.

Data into Art Avatar

Explore the unexplored using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence tools and algorithms.

Data Security & Privacy

While helping you cope up with technology like quicksilver, we adhere to privacy and security regulations.

Content Curators

Think, create and communicate content to build your persona for your clients.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Expand your horizon by reaching out to audience with cutting edge tools and techniques.

Website/App Designing

Design your first impression by creating a user friendly interface for your product & services.

Our Team - the cream of the crop



51 Vyom Prastha GMS Road Dehradun Uttarakhand, India 248001

25 The Esplanade, ON Toronto Canada M5E 1W5


+1 416 347 9359

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